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Exploring the earliest connections between Ireland and Wales 

Discover the earliest connections between Ireland and Wales

Portalis was a pilot project that explored the first connections between Ireland and Wales, dating back to the Mesolithic period, about 10,000 years ago. The transdisciplinary project investigated, through evidence based research, how those first settlers adapted to their surroundings in order to survive and sought to understand whether there are any parallels with how we can adapt to climate change now. 


Core Project Focus


Working with our local communities, we protect our natural and cultural coastal heritage and its natural habitats and wildlife by facilitating citizen led transfer of knowledge on heritage conservation at key coastal visitor destination heritage sites. 


We promote understanding of climate change adaptation through cross-border visitor experiences that examine potential parallels between our earliest settler’s experience and how we can adapt to climate change now. 


We support sustainably increasing visitor numbers via a new experiential tourism network working with our six coastal communities and a new cultural network development between key museums in Wales and Ireland. 

Our work

What we do

Our work consolidates existing archaeological, geological and environmental evidence and provides and interprets new data into an exciting cross-border narrative.

How we work

Drilled core sampling, excavation, lab analysis, citizen science workshops, visitor experience design including film and virtual reality and cross-border network development.

How we raise awareness

Portalis highlights the value of protecting our natural and cultural heritage and related climate adaptation through public archaeology events, a Film documentary, and more.

How we support community growth

Portalis works closely with our coastal communities to establish a new cross-border experiential tourism network and new cross-border cultural network.

How we support our cross-border research community

We explore options about protecting our heritage and lessons learned from our earliest settlers in adapting to the changes ahead.

How we support our visitors

We’re working with our six communities to develop a collection of tailored responsible travel options focusing on our newly created visitor experiences.

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