A note of thanks from Joy Rooney, Senior Responsible Officer

Joy Rooney, Portalis Senior Responsible Officer and Design Lead, SETU, at the launch of the Portalis Temporary Visitor Experience at Waterford Treasures Museums

On behalf of our project team, as the Portalis Pilot project closes, to express our sincere thanks to all our stakeholders. Your unwavering support, dedication, and collaboration throughout delivery has been instrumental in bringing this ambitious pilot to full fruition. Together, we have overcome challenges, celebrated successes and advanced our collective vision.  

The pilot project owes its origin to the late citizen archaeologist Noel McDonagh, the key experts McDonagh engaged with, notably Prof Peter Woodman and Prof Stanton Green, the subsequent voluntary work of the Creaden Waterford Estuary Steering Group in Ireland, particularly Ann Cusack, and the great support of our six local coastal communities in Wales and Ireland. 

The Portalis pilot transdisciplinary project was designed and delivered as a citizen led pilot, establishing a firm platform across a range of disciplines towards further work. We aimed to protect, promote and grow awareness of our natural and cultural heritage and in turn, sustainably and responsibly grow visitor numbers to our six coastal communities. As a collective community of stakeholders and project team, we are proud of the incredible achievements we have accomplished together.  

We are also aware that there is more work to be done, work that can now build on the findings and outputs from the pilot project. Our coastal communities are responding to our immediate challenges and opportunities. We also look to our future generations, as they meet inherited challenges in protecting our coastal heritage in a time of rapid climate change.  

As with our first settlers, the success of our Portalis pilot project remains a testament to the incredible resilience of our collective spirit and environment in at times extreme and hostile conditions. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to achieving even greater milestones. Thank you for being an integral part of this unique journey.  

On behalf of the project team, warm regards, 

Joy Rooney, Portalis Senior Responsible Officer and Design Lead, SETU. 

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