Visitor Experience Design

Uniting in the shared purpose of citizen led co-development

A key goal of the Portalis project is to develop a joint cross-border, high level temporary visitor experience in Waterford Museum of Treasures, Ireland and Ceredigion Museum, Wales. These visitor experiences tell the story of the earliest human journey between Wales and Ireland, supported by an online and offline Mesolithic artefact collection. The initial visitor experience design will then be adapted into a high level permanent legacy visitor experience, telling both the story of the earliest human journey between Wales and Ireland and the development of the Portalis operation itself.

The project demonstrates cross-border co-operation by the collaborative development of an App to act as the hub for the local micro-destinations across the regions, and will provide both access for the visitor to individual stories and a means of associating those stories—and therefore those destinations—with one another in a network.  

Visitors will be able to access content to help pre-plan, enrich each stage and create reflective experiential content of their journey to the six communities involved in the project. In turn, this experiential visitor content will help support an ongoing relationship between visitor and coastal area, support future return journeys and inform potential new visitors.  

This has the capacity to enhance visitor experience and in doing so develop blue and green growth to make the region a more attractive place to live, work, relocate to and visit. 

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